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Very pleased with your service.
Great company to deal with, love the free shipping to them and the fast processing for my payment
Very easy to work with. Good communication and most importantly fast payment although slightly less payment than originally expected. Will do business again.
Thank you for your free quotes and hassle free shipping options. As of my last transaction I am very happy and will now sell only to your company. Thank you for being honest and fair.
Great service and very fast. I am extremely satisfied and have posted your information and your excellent service on www.dodgeforum.com.
Wonderful experience! I even called them up and asked various questions and received GREAT customer service. All my concerns were addressed and my cats shipped hassle-free using the free shipping label and received a check back just like they said they would. Would definitely use them again.
Talk about easy. This had to be the easiet transaction I have conducted in a very long time. Very professional. The only way it could have been easier is if you had actually removed the old catalytic converter from my car yourself. Great job.
When I learned about the precious metals inside a catalytic converter were valuable, instead of letting the shop keep the old cat, I was able to sell it for nearly half the cost of a new one. It would not make sense to pass this service up. They paid shipping and I got my refund in a week. Wow.
After one hiccup I am quite happy. I initially sent photos of the volvo cat with identifying stamps, etc., and was offered $130. I sent it in and got a check for $90. After writing a letter and a couple of emails I was delighted and also a little surprised to receive a second check for the $40 difference. I give you top marks.
Worked out great.
This was so easy! I wish I had more cats to sell and that the price of the rare metals was higher.
good company to do buisness with. paid on time,fast.
Great experience. Really appreciate the free shipping, the amount of the check, and the quick turn around of the check. I was a little leery sending if off not knowing how much I would be getting. I would have preferred to know a minimum price even if it is only $50.
SO easy to do business with! Excellent customer service! Have recommended to many people already.
Customer service was great and got my check quickly in the mail!
thankyou for the business.
I don’t normaly leave feedback for companies, but for this company i decided to go ahead and leave one. They are so easy to work with and very fast with a quote. They pay you what they quote you and the check arrives in just a couple of days. I will definitly be using them for any catalytic converts that i want to get rid of.
Simple and Fast. Outstanding customer service also do not hesitate to work with these guys.
Super easy to sell my converters. Shipping was easy to use and I got paid fast.
Great place to deal with fast service
Amazing customer service, everything was explained cleary and professionally.
billy golden
It was a very straightforward process. They did what they advertised they would do. Good professionalism. Seemed very simple and the website was very easy to use. Would definitely use them again. I like the fact that they estimate the shipping cost for you, and that they give you pricing estimates for free. Plus the turnaround time was very fast.
Customer service was great ! quick and prompt payment highly recommended !
Great experience! Worth the time to send in convertors to collect a little bit of cash!
excellent service and customer support
I was leery of sending my stuff to a company I didn’t know in a state far off. However, my fears were unwarranted. They sent picures of what I shipped them and paid me very quickly. They paid exactly what they had quoted. I would do this again and have given the name to others for them to use.
Good service.
Absolutely terrific experience. From having a couple questions, leaving a message, getting a call back quickly, to the directions on the site, printing a shipping label ect…Great Job S.C.R.A.P. I had those cats sitting in a corner of my barn, and actually got more for them than I paid to have them removed. Highly recommend!