• How long does it take for payment to be sent?

    When we are purchasing your scrap catalytic converters or DPF systems we send out payments as soon as possible, but at the most, your payment will be sent within 3 days of receiving your shipment. For refining clients, payments are usually sent within 30 days after the refining process is complete.

  • How does the UPS shipping/selling process work?

    Once you decide that you want to send your units to us, you can either choose to use our pre-paid UPS shipping labels from our website, or take care of shipping on your own. If you use our labels, we pay up-front for your shipping, then later deduct that cost out of your payment. We get a discount from UPS that we can pass on to you if you use these UPS labels. Once we receive your units here, we will process your shipment and send your payment within one business day. We send payments through either check or PayPal.

  • How long does it take to get a quote?

    We do our best to get back to people as quickly as possible, and most quotes are responded to within a few hours. As long as you upload a picture before the end of the day (our office is open from 9am to 5pm EST), we typically will be able to respond before the end of the day.

  • What if I can’t find the part numbers on my DPF/DOC system?

    The part numbers will be stamped somewhere on the body of the units. However, they can be tricky to find. We recommend using a brass wire brush to clean the rust off the units in order to find the part numbers. If you are still not able to find the part numbers, you are welcome to ship them to us and our warehouse guys will do their best to find the part numbers and pay you accordingly. We double check all DPF systems for part numbers and as of yet, we have not had an instance where we were not able to locate the part number.

  • How much platinum is in a catalytic converter?

    The amount of platinum in a scrap catalytic converter varies greatly depending on the application. In addition to platinum, most catalytic converters also have palladium and rhodium.

  • Are diesel catalytic converters worth anything?

    Prior to the federal diesel emissions change in 2007, diesel catalytic converters, in general, had a very low recycled value. Starting in 2007, diesel vehicles manufactured according to the new standards had a DPF system. This emission control device included a DPF (diesel particulate filter) and a DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst). These newer DPF systems typically contain a greater amount of precious metals, but there are exceptions. If you have any questions on a unit’s worth, please submit a picture through our quotes system.

  • Can I deliver to your location?

    Yes, absolutely! Contact us today to schedule a delivery appointment.

  • Do you accept international shipments for refining?

    Yes. We accept international shipments of scrap catalytic converters and automotive catalyst material for refining. All shipments/brokering fees must be paid for and handled by supplier.

  • Do you accept international shipments for purchasing?

    We currently only purchase catalytic converters, DPF’s, DOC’s and SCR’s from the United States and Canada. We do not purchase units that are from outside of these two countries.

  • Who pays the shipping?

    All suppliers of SCRAP Inc. are responsible for shipping cost. Within the contiguous United States, SCRAP Inc. will pre-pay all freight shipments if scheduled though our company and we offer prepaid UPS shipping labels for anyone shipping smaller amounts. The actual cost of freight/shipping will be subtracted from client’s total at the time of payment.

  • How are payments sent?

    For smaller shipments, payments are sent by check or PayPal. For larger shipments, we can send payments via check, PayPal, or bank wire. There are fees deducted for using PayPal, however, and if you choose bank wire as your payment option there will be a $30 service fee from our bank. If you choose check, you will always get your full payment with no fees deducted.

  • What is a full catalytic converter?

    A full catalytic converter means that the original amount of ceramic or foil material is still intact within the catalytic converter and that nothing has broken up and fallen out. Units that are partial will be graded as generously as possible based on our estimate of the percentage of remaining catalyst.

  • Do you accept shipment from Canada?

    Yes. Canada Post is recommended for smaller shipments. Please contact us if you need to schedule a freight shipment from Canada.

  • How do I know what my catalytic converter or DPF system is worth?

    Typically we need to see a picture of any converter in order to determine the worth. You can upload a picture for a quote through your account on our website. If you have a light truck DPF system, you should be able to find what it is worth by going to our DPF systems page, and matching the part numbers up with what we have listed.

  • Is the pricing accurate on the website?

    Yes. All catalytic converter prices listed on our website are current and up-to-date. However, the prices are based on the converters/DPF units being completely full, so as long as none of the inside material has fallen out of your units, you can expect to be paid according to what is listed. This does not include shipping costs.

  • Will I make more refining my scrap catalytic converters versus selling them?

    Yes. Typically you will see at least a 10%-15% better return on your material when you refine versus sell.

  • What is the difference between selling and refining?

    With refining, you are paid based on the actual recovered Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. This allows us to work off of a significantly lower margin. As catalytic converters buyers, we always have to factor in margin for error because the true value of a load of scrap catalytic converters is never actually known until the catalytic converter refining process is complete. When you refine your scrap converters, you ensure that you are getting the highest possible worth for them.

  • Do you have a catalog?

    Yes. We have a comprehensive scrap catalytic converter catalog for our refining clients. Access to our refiners catalog is given to our suppliers on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do you accept shipments of loose catalytic converter material?

    Yes. We accept shipments of loose catalyst material for refining, as long as you can supply us with at least 500 lbs. of loose material at a time.